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Lucky Streak takes the live casino experience to new heights by merging innovation, style and gamification into an engaging and rewarding live casino experience.

Lucky Streak presents the three kings of table games: Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. Players will have the full suite of games at their fingertips wrapped into an innovative, engaging and exclusively designed live online casino environment.

Lucky Streak increases player value by integrating personalization features and reward hooks into the live gaming experience that create habit loops, which translate into more engagement and player stickiness.

Lucky Streak games are available via Android and iOS devices. The company is planning to create a cross-platform solution based on HTML5.

Built on the latest technology Lucky Streak live casino platform runs on a high grade, scalable and flexible infrastructure to deliver the optimal user experience for mobile and desktop.

Lucky Streak is built on a highly scalable and flexible infrastructure to ensure optimal playing experience. The platform combines the newest web technologies with premium video streaming components to create th best possible live gaming experience. The platform detects device and bandwidth constraints and adjusts the stream output to deliver best quality of service.

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